E1 - SAND TIRES - Shandong Acura Tire Co.,Limited

Patttern Characteristic:

● *Suitable for part of off-the-road vehicles operating on sand ground and loose road surface; ● *The combination of wide tread, round shoulder and streamlined pattern design provides ; ● *Stable ride, good floating force, excellent steering ability on sand groud road surface; ● *With uniform tread wear, a kind of tyre most suitable for use in desert and on loose road.

SIZEP.RStandard RimMax LoadPressureOverall DiameterSection Width

16.00-201610.00W8km/h 54502451370420
14.00-201810.00W65km/h 31502451200375
9.00-17 TL87J5600310860265
9.00-16 TL86.50H1320350890245
9.00-1585.50F8km/h 1650 65km/h 950245840235